Now, you don’t have to be able to spot a Gucci dress a mile off or own 10 pairs of Louboutins to be into fashion – this is a misconception. Most of us struggle to get on the right tube in the morning before a caffeine dose, let alone dress ourselves in a coordinated outfit that turns heads throughout the […]

So, living in a city that never stops, sometimes a tourist day is just what you’ve got to do. Doing it during the week makes it a tad calmer but there’s plenty to see in the tourist traps – let’s not miss out! Start off at Embankment Underground and walk along the river, taking in the sights – London Eye, […]

So, if I’m honest, I’m a recent Great British Bake Off convert – I only started watching the latest series after my boyfriend hounded me into it. But he needn’t have tried so hard, because if it was an X Factor style pure bake off, it wouldn’t have got me – but bring in the ‘showstoppers’ and I’m in hook, […]

With so many long-running shows in London, it’s really hard for new productions to break onto the scene. There are so many adaptations and new, quirky shows – each trying to be different from the last. So, I’ve been doing the rounds over the summer and checking out some of the new shows on the scene, and here’s my feedback! […]

I started running several years ago, when I didn’t yet live in London. I was excited to move into the city, but one of my biggest stipulations was that our new home had to be near a park – and I entered up being near (in my opinion) the best one! Victoria Park is five minutes run from our home, […]

Everyone seems to be obsessed with going up The Shard at the moment, for its spectacular views over the city. And although it does boast the highest vantage point over London, there are some other spots in and around the city which, in my opinion, are just as good – if not better! Let’s explore them… The Orbit, Stratford At […]

London is a huge city, with an abundance of different areas, attractions and things to discover. If you live on one side of London, you rarely take the hike across town to check out another area and, if you don’t know where you’re going, it can be a little intimidating to plan a trip around a new area – with […]

London is full of grand and beautiful, tucked away theatres, showing both new and legendary productions every night. So why can’t the film watching experience in London be more than your average Odeon too?! Well… it can! I’ve put together a selection of my favourite spots for catching up on the latest box office hit – in style. My first […]

Soho is a constantly busy and buzzing area of Central London. Sitting between Oxford Street and the theatre district around Leicester Square, this area is fantastic for finding a quick eat or a sit-down meal – of any cuisine. But, with so many places to pick from, it’s difficult to know where to start, so here are a few of […]

I’ve been in London for three years now. I arrived as a humble northerner, and have had to adapt to the rush and rules of London life! So, I’d like to share with you the main jists of what I’ve picked up… in the hope you can get there even quicker – enjoy! Work on that phone voice – no […]