This summer was the fifth that I’ve been to the Edinburgh Fringe and, although I love to get my fill of the shows, there’s also loads of other things to do whilst you’re in Edinburgh. There’s great views spots, a variety of attractions and loads of quaint towns to explore, just out of the city centre. So, plan your trip […]

I’ve just returned (begrudgingly!) to London after a fantastic eight days in the wonderful, and slightly rainy, Edinburgh! After seeing over 25 shows, I’ve rounded up my tweet-size review to share with you guys, so if you’re off to #edfringe over the next few weeks, here’s a few ideas of who you could see! Our #edfringe show no.1 was @dancook100 […]

The sun is out, it’s starting to feel like it’s almost summer and what better way to enjoy it than with a refreshing G&T in hand? Aside from a visit to the ‘Gin Palace’ in Dublin (I wholly recommend it!) and a tour of the East London Liquor Company, I’ve never really broadened my gin horizons, so when I heard […]

Are you looking for a weekend away but only a short journey out of London? There’s loads of great places to get to easily – Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Kent and Somerset to name but a few! So, recently, I packed my bags and headed off somewhere which, as a northerner, I’d never really got around to visiting yet. Bristol appealed […]

Many of my friends who have moved to London from abroad have hardly visited anywhere around the rest of the country and those of us who have moved down from around the country see no reason to leave, except to sometimes go home. We do get stuck in this bubble of bustle, culture and attractions and London is great, but […]

Are you a student or aged 18-30 and fancy spending summer 2016 having an adventure to remember? I have been working with a charity called ARC for the last four years. ARC have teams around Europe and projects in countries like the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain. On your project, you’re teamed with people of different nationalities and, […]

I’ve been on lots of holidays in my life but I’m always a little embarrassed by how few locations this includes – I’ve done a lot of the UK, France and Ireland. I’ve dabbled further afield in Europe a few times and I’ve been to India (but that doesn’t count as it was to see the family!). Having worked for […]

After reading so much negative press about Hull recently (especially an article of utter rubbish from ‘Vice’), I decided to write my own experiences of Hull – from someone definitely not from Hull but with a real, honest perception of the city. My first experience of visiting Hull was some six years ago when I was studying in Lincoln and […]

August is my favourite month of the year, as it means leaving behind the big smoke – alongside most of London comedians and entertainers – and heading up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!  The Fringe beats a holiday in the sun for me hands down, for the variety of stuff on offer, the buzzing atmosphere and the open nature and […]

I’d never done Scandinavia before but, of all the countries in Europe, I’ve always thought Scandinavians are most like the British (lovely, friendly, welcoming etc). So, after a bit of research, Sweden was chosen and flights were booked for a long weekend in Stockholm. Planning seemed pretty simple. We booked a flat on Airbnb on one of the little islands, […]