So, if you’re anything like me, you love nothing more than a trip to the cinema for a nice evening out. It’s the chance to watch a film without the interruption of phones and general life and, at my local, Genesis in Whitechapel, they even have a swanky screen with footstools, sofas, an in-cinema bar and blankets! So, before you […]

The sun is out, it’s starting to feel like it’s almost summer and what better way to enjoy it than with a refreshing G&T in hand? Aside from a visit to the ‘Gin Palace’ in Dublin (I wholly recommend it!) and a tour of the East London Liquor Company, I’ve never really broadened my gin horizons, so when I heard […]

As a huge Harry Potter buff – like many of you guys – I have watched the films ten times over, visited the studios, even attended a ‘Harry Potter walking tour’ of London – I am potty about anything Potter (see what I did there?!). So when I saw on Twitter that a new exhibition was opening (right around the […]

Many of my friends who have moved to London from abroad have hardly visited anywhere around the rest of the country and those of us who have moved down from around the country see no reason to leave, except to sometimes go home. We do get stuck in this bubble of bustle, culture and attractions and London is great, but […]

Well, it’s already April scarily and with the longer, lighter days and that glimpse of sunshine we’ve missed so very much, we need some more to do with that spare time of ours! So, here are some things you shouldn’t miss over the coming months! Get down to the Natural History Museum for the ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year‘ exhibition – […]

It’s almost the Easter weekend and the thought of having four whole days to fill is getting me rather excited! But, before we get carried away, let’s find out what there is to do – to make sure you make the most of the break! There’s some brilliant stuff on around London so check out my favourite finds below… It’s […]

Do you guys, like me, get the visiting parents from time to time, and instantly panic at how to entertain them? Whether it’s the parents that expect you to take them around all the tourist sights, or parents who have expressed their hatred at anything to do with the tubes, the crowds and the smell of dirty London streets, we […]

There are always people moving into London from the rest of the UK and from much further afield. Some of them might never have been to London, some may have visited one time on a school trip and some may know it quite well. But there’s so much to learn with a move into London; such as what sort of […]

Apparently January is the month when people are most down, and feeling the post-Christmas slump. Having a January birthday, though, I am lucky enough to drag out the festive spirit just a little longer – and then I’m on a downer in Feb! So, this month, I decided that I would cut the corners everywhere else too – meaning that […]