The weather in London has been pretty glum for weeks now – and we’re tired of it! Instead of staying indoors and rinsing the Netflix subscription, I’ve been getting out and about in London and here’s some things I can recommend to do to avoid the chill. Boat on the Thames – Whilst the sun is still setting early, try […]

It seems that Autumn has descended on us quickly. There are beautiful brown leaves everywhere, it’s winter coat weather and the evenings and mornings are noticeably darker! And I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been feeling particularly moody since the change in temperature, so to tide us over until we can start throwing up the tinsel, here are […]

London is an amazing city – fact. Whatever the hour, the city is alive, you will eat food and visit exhibitions non-Londoners couldn’t even dream of and there’s so many beautiful and iconic buildings and views to see. But with this amazing city comes a few things you need to avoid. Whether you’re visiting or a resident, here’s the top […]

Are you new to London and not sure where to get started with exploring your new city? Or maybe you’ve got some family and friends down and don’t know where to take them? Or maybe it’s just coming up to the weekend and you don’t know what to get up to? I may have found the ideal solution. A new […]

Just moved to London for work and have no idea of how to start making friends in your local area? The idea of moving to the big smoke can be terrifying but there are loads of friendly pockets of neighbourhoods where you’ll find lots of people doing the same thing as you, at the same time as you, with the […]

Are you visiting London for the first time? You’re going to have a wonderful time, but to help make sure it’s perfect, here’s some advice to help you plan your accommodation, transport and just how to get around the city, so you don’t have to lose time trying to work this out once you get here! Accommodation Wherever I travel, […]

Any other animal lovers like me?! Try something new and completely different in London, in the form of ‘Wild Life Drawing’! A great idea that has come about this year are these fun art classes with a live muse – of the furry (or sometimes scaled) variety. The art classes have been set up to raise awareness about conservation and […]

Another month has passed and the cinemas have seen some great films coming to their screens. I’ve been to see a variety of offerings – from period films, to comedy, to action and the stand out films for me were ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘BFG’! But find out what else is on offer and what might tickle your fancy below… Now You […]

Secret Cinema have hit the headlines several times over the past few years for their impressive show-stopper events and last weekend I was lucky enough to go to the Dirty Dancing one in East London – so I can report back what it’s all about (well not what it’s all about as then it won’t be secret!). Having been founded […]

So, apparently summer has begun and in-between the rain showers, we’ve seen enough sunshine to manage to get a sunburn (?!) but if you’re in London this summer, what should you be ticking off the list? Not been to the theatre in too long? Why not try something a little different with ‘Kinky Boots‘? The witty, colourful and loud musical is great fun […]