So, a few months have passed and my running adventures continue! With the London Marathon ballot out of the way, I now know several friends and colleagues who will also be running, which helps my lunchtime training plan significantly and hopefully means we can share the knowledge on successfully preparing for the big day! With six months until then though, […]

So, another month has passed and I get ever closer to the London Marathon! This month has been very busy as I’ve been on holiday but I’m really starting to feel that my core and upper body are getting stronger (from my time with a personal trainer and lots of pilates!) and plan to start integrating more running into my […]

So, a month’s passed since my first ‘Marathon Diaries‘ blog and I’ve been very busy on my fitness journey! Doing a marathon is very different to doing a half marathon and my biggest challenge is that I need to get my body in a stronger place before I starting hitting it with miles of running again. So, here are the changes […]

I was so so excited yesterday to find out that I had been given a Gold London Marathon 2017 place with Cats Protection! After watching the run for the first time in April this year, I was overwhelmed with the atmosphere, the amount of charity awareness that happens on this day and just how important this achievement is for those […]

About a month ago, a box arrived for me from the US and I got very excited – well, who doesn’t like getting a package?! But, even more so, because I knew exactly what it was… my Bellabeat Leaf! I started getting Facebook sponsored ads for the Bellabeat several months ago and it caught my eye – not just because […]

So, it’s the New Year and, as evident from the amount of people out running in Victoria Park this morning, fitness is top of our Resolutions list! So, here’s a few things to look at or grab in the New Year’s Sales to help you hit your goal in 2016! Nutri Bullet I decided to take the plunge and get […]

It’s running season again and I’m very excited to be doing the Royal Parks Half Marathon in Central London in two weeks! But, for people like me who haven’t been running for yonks, there seems to be loads of hints and tips flying around about how you should train, what you should and shouldn’t do and what you should and […]

I started running several years ago, when I didn’t yet live in London. I was excited to move into the city, but one of my biggest stipulations was that our new home had to be near a park – and I entered up being near (in my opinion) the best one! Victoria Park is five minutes run from our home, […]