So, I’ve been pretty vacant on the blog for the last few months with the craziness of  Christmas and the sadness of the ‘January blues’ (!) but this time of year is always a good time to reflect on what’s happened over the last 12 months and what we want to push ourselves to do in the New Year! 

Last year, my resolutions included travelling more, both in London, the UK as a whole and abroad, I wanted to go up The Shard and down the slide at The Orbit, I wanted to hit 1000 Twitter followers and I wanted to take up a new hobby that would allow me to see more of London. I think I did pretty well – I went up The Orbit last January (the views are amazing but I think the Sky Garden just topped it for me), I did the Orbit’s slide on Boxing Day with the family. I visited some random places – Bristol, Southampton, Appleby, my beloved Edinburgh of course! I went to Majorca and Spain (not quite as much international travel there as planned!). I hit the 1000 followers mark (yay!) and I took up ‘Park Run’ which is taking me around the country, one park at a time!

Here’s my new resolutions for 2017!

  • Do 10 different ‘Park Runs’ around London (to start with).
  • Find a new cuisine I haven’t tried before for a great slap-up meal.
  • Successfully complete the London Marathon!
  • Venture further along the Thames than Big Ben (!), see what’s there and write a blog about it!
  • Write a selection of pub crawl London tours.
  • Take up a new hobby and see where it takes me.
  • Try a new DIY class – pottery, food, who knows!
  • Get in some pre-Fringe comedy around London during the summer.

Well, resolutions made – let’s see where 2017 takes me! Anyone have any recommendations of things that might fit on my list? 🙂

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