So, a few months have passed and my running adventures continue! With the London Marathon ballot out of the way, I now know several friends and colleagues who will also be running, which helps my lunchtime training plan significantly and hopefully means we can share the knowledge on successfully preparing for the big day! With six months until then though, I’ve been ever-adapting my body and training plan and I’d love to share my changes with you!

Getting competitive

So, this October, I started attending my local Park Run at Mile End. It’s early enough to get me out of bed, to the park, round the race and home before I can decide I can’t be bothered and the standard is actually really high! To say there are two hills in the course (which also has two laps), I was pleased with my first attempt of 30 minutes (having not run regularly for the last few months and having tiny legs!) but came 194th out of 250 runners! With a bit of a competitive spirit, this has only fueled my gritty determination – so Park Run is definitely going to be a regular addition to my weekend!

Run to a beat

Next step was to perfect the right tunes for my runs. The music I generally listen to is probably not helpful for getting a great running beat so I’ve spent a lot of time on iTunes finding the right beats to naturally help my rhythm and building up my playlists.

Getting checked over

After two half marathons in 2015, my body had taken a bit of a battering from my new hobby and I had niggles here, there and everywhere. I decided, before I throw myself into my marathon training, I would head down to the physio and just check everything’s working ok! With a combination of realigning my legs, ankles and hips and sports massage, my physio was great at identifying why I had certain niggles and how I could sort them out, so I left with a handful of exercises and having been told to get some insoles to stop my over-pronating right foot. It’s also a weight off my mind that I am ready and fit enough to undertake this training as I know I don’t have a natural runner’s physique!

The countdown is on

My final job over the last few weeks has been to buy myself a 2016-2017 diary, in which I jotted in my marathon training plan. After doing a lot of research online, I found a selection of plans to work to and plotted them into my new diary – working from back-to-front. With Park Run, interval training, gym sessions, long runs and rest days, I can realistically work out what is the right amount of training to get me through comfortably on the big day.

With that, I feel one step closer to the London Marathon and even more excited!! 

Are you training for an event? Share your tips below! And if you’d like to sponsor me – any spare pennies would be gratefully accepted here – I’m soooo close to my target!

One thought on “The Marathon Diaries – 6 months to go

  1. good luck 🙂 and I’m sure the running (and marathon will go really well). My chap does parkrun in salford – it’s at end of our street but I cant run at the moment as I’ve nackered my back but hopefully back to jogging soon.
    ta ra

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