Are you new to London and not sure where to get started with exploring your new city? Or maybe you’ve got some family and friends down and don’t know where to take them? Or maybe it’s just coming up to the weekend and you don’t know what to get up to? I may have found the ideal solution.

A new app has launched in London called Planetpass. A fantastic idea, the app offers a variety of tours, from pub crawl tours, to chocolate tasting, to walking tours exploring the best of London graffiti, for up to 6 people. You can book your tour with several hours notice and pay for it in the app, and you’ll be told where to meet your guide and given details on who your guide is. Easy peasy – then all you do is turn up!

I tested this out on Friday with a ‘London After Sundown’ tour with some friends. My only worries were rain (unfortunately something you can’t control!) and whether the concept of the tour is a little awkward as it’s such a small group of friends or family and then the tour guide. It seemed we were fine on both counts though!

As it turned 7, the rain stopped and the sun came out – just in time! Our guide was a lovely Italian lady called Valeria, who knew all sorts of quirky stories and interesting facts about the area. She was friendly, lovely and was very patient as I stopped everywhere to take photos of our journey! We walked from Blackfriars Bridge and ended the tour down near Tower Bridge, a beautiful journey which we started in the brilliant sunshine and ended in nightfall. En route, she took us through many nooks and crannies along the river, telling us not just the history of London, dating back to the Victorians, but even to recent years and what changes were made to this area for the Olympics.

If you’re looking to explore London, the Planetpass app is a great way to get started so have a look at what tours they have on offer by downloading the app here.

Take a look through our journey in pictures below!

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Disclaimer: I received a free tour to experience the tour for myself but these views are all my own.

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