London is an amazing city – fact. Whatever the hour, the city is alive, you will eat food and visit exhibitions non-Londoners couldn’t even dream of and there’s so many beautiful and iconic buildings and views to see. But with this amazing city comes a few things you need to avoid. Whether you’re visiting or a resident, here’s the top 10…

  1. The Central Line – plan your journeys to avoid the big red line in the middle. How bad can it be? Don’t find out, just trust me – it’s boiling, it’s air-less, it’s rammed and it’s got an atmosphere you could cut with a knife!
  2. Uber surcharge – the all night tubes are in for two lines (hallelujah!) but if you live in any other direction, Uber is a fab option, but the later you leave it, the more you risk a surcharge that only looks a small number when you’re tipsy (“3x”) but has actually cost you a small fortune when you look at your receipt hungover in the morning. Get yourself an Uber Carpool – you’ll have to bond with a stranger but they’ll share the fayre.
  3. Tube strikes – stay clear of zone 1 – it basically comes to a standstill. Queues for buses, streams of people just walking in an orderly fashion towards the centre and lots of irate taxi drivers who haven’t moved for 45 minutes. Get your map out and get walking.
  4. Trafalgar Square – a tourist haven, there really isn’t much to see here. Get your photo for the album and get out of here!
  5. Oxford Circus between 4 – 7 – it’s more than likely the station will be closed so you’ll have to stand in a gaggle of tutting commuters and jostle for your spot for when the beloved gates open in half an hour.
  6. Pret – they’re everywhere and they seem like a safe option but wander a little further for cheaper, way more delicious independent popups, street food or cafes.
  7. Tourist suitcases – watch your toes or fall victim to a lost tourist’s heavy suitcase wheels (ouch.) Keep an eye out especially at the top of escalators…
  8. The bus – it may seem like an airy alternative to the tube, but it takes so much longer to do everything and there’s so much you could be doing with that time in London.
  9. The main streets – stay off Oxford Street, Regents Street etc and find the back routes. There are handy maps everywhere, and London is all about exploring – you don’t need to be stuck in a tourist gaggle.
  10. Those tube doors – nope, tourists, these are not your usual auto-censored doors… if you get in their way, they’re unforgiving. Steer clear.


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