So, a month’s passed since my first ‘Marathon Diaries‘ blog and I’ve been very busy on my fitness journey! Doing a marathon is very different to doing a half marathon and my biggest challenge is that I need to get my body in a stronger place before I starting hitting it with miles of running again. So, here are the changes I’ve made over the last month…

 Step One – mission body condition!

So, last month I decided to take the first step and get myself a personal trainer and, after one consultation, we could clearly see that my legs may be in good nick but my core, arms and upper body were letting me down. After three sessions, I already feel faster and fitter but stay tuned on that journey!

Step Two – who’s a greedy monkey?!

I also started closely monitoring my food and health with ‘MyFitnessPal’ and was surprised at how much one ‘cheat’ food a day or so can affect your diet. By setting a calorie goal and looking at what types of food groups I have been having too little or too much of, I’ve already seen differences in how much energy I have and how less bloated I feel day-to-day.

Step Three – no more 9-5!

Last year I took to running in Regents Park or Green Park at lunch to get away from my desk and stretch my legs. A group of us from work have now incorporated morning HIIT and yoga sessions into our day too to keep our bodies moving and get out of the rhythm of going straight to work, sitting down all day and then heading home – it’s a bad habit to be in so young!

So, a month closer to the goal and I feel my fitness is getting on track. Since uni, I’ve really let me body just fit in with my working lifestyle over time and it’s time to stop that and make my working lifestyle fit around my fitness and my long-term health and wellbeing.

Are you training for an event? Share your tips below! And if you’d like to sponsor me – any spare pennies would be gratefully accepted here!

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