Secret Cinema have hit the headlines several times over the past few years for their impressive show-stopper events and last weekend I was lucky enough to go to the Dirty Dancing one in East London – so I can report back what it’s all about (well not what it’s all about as then it won’t be secret!).

Having been founded in 2007, the team have put on productions such as ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Dead Poets Society’ and have upcoming shows of more ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ’28 Days Later’.

Arriving at ‘Dirty Dancing’, the atmosphere was fantastic, with lots of 60s skirts, watermelons and hoola hoops on show – and I think it helped that it was a beautiful, sunny evening! Everyone seemed well up for some fun and audience participation and I think that’s what made the event so successful.

From the organisation point of view, without giving too much away, the attention to detail was second to none – they’d thought of everything. There were actors everywhere encouraging you to participate in the fun, dance classes were compulsory and so much time and effort had gone into making this a fully immersive experience for true ‘Dirty Dancing’ fanatics. There were loads of food and drink stalls and there was no pressure to do everything – lots of people had just spread their picnic blankets and taken to sitting around the site, just watching what was going on!

It may be a slightly pricier version of just renting the DVD but I will say no more and just let you trust me that the Secret Cinema had pulled out all the stops to make this an unforgettable and incredible experience for any ‘Dirty Dancing’ obsessive!

Don’t forget:

  • A 60s get-up – the fuller the skirt, the brighter the colours, the bigger the hair, the better.
  • Get listening to the tunes on Spotify so you’re word perfect when you’re singing along.
  • Take some flat shoes – there’s quite a walk to the venue and if you want to be the last one standing on the dancefloor, you’ve got to be prepared.
  • Take a picnic blanket and stick it down as soon as you get there to secure a good view of the action later on!

For more info on tickets for Dirty Dancing this weekend, click here and keep an eye out for more Secret Cinema fun in the future – we hear on the grapevine there might be some more classics in the pipeline so stay tuned!


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