Any other animal lovers like me?! Try something new and completely different in London, in the form of ‘Wild Life Drawing’!

A great idea that has come about this year are these fun art classes with a live muse – of the furry (or sometimes scaled) variety. The art classes have been set up to raise awareness about conservation and welfare of a variety of animals, and to raise money for various animal charities around London. Working with organisations such as RSPB, Battersea Dogs Home and the Bat Conservation Trust, ‘Wild Life Drawing’ means that the animal handler can give valuable insight and first-hand knowledge about the animals, and it also means that you can give money to these charities, whilst doing something different, fun and actually rather relaxing!

owl 2
Photo: Spencer Wilton

Whether it’s owls, donkeys, lizards or fish, you are educated about the animal, allowed to have a little hands on action (especially if an owl decides to go for a little fly and land on your head as it did in our class!) and then given time to sketch, paint or draw pictures of the animals in these two-hour sessions. I went along to see two beautiful owls in the third class with them. The group there had attended three separate classes over a six week period to see how the owls had grown from some slightly scrawny fluffballs into beautifully feathered owl teenagers and documented the visits with some great artwork. It was so lovely to watch these birds as they were learning to use their wings, to see the patterns on their backs develop and to watch how they took in the world as they met so many new and exciting things.

Jennie, who set up ‘Wild Life Drawing’ told me, “I believe that drawing is the best possible way to reconnect with the natural world, as when you’re drawing you truly look and form a connection with your subject matter. Having the animals there to observe in real┬álife really deepens people’s understanding and appreciation for the different species – and in turn I hope this would mean they would fight harder to protect and conserve them.”


‘Wild Life Drawing’ is such a lovely experience and education for any animal lover. You don’t have to be an amazing artist – I was winging it (pun intended!) big time but thoroughly enjoyed get up, close and personal with some furry friends. Check out what classes they have on offer here.

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