I was so so excited yesterday to find out that I had been given a Gold London Marathon 2017 place with Cats Protection! After watching the run for the first time in April this year, I was overwhelmed with the atmosphere, the amount of charity awareness that happens on this day and just how important this achievement is for those who run it – and I wanted to be a part of it!

Over the coming months, as I prepare my body (and my mind!) to be in the best shape to do the marathon (and obviously in a fab time!) I want to share my journey with you guys – and please do help motivate me as I get closer to the big day – and more terrified of what I’ve signed up for!

My first five commitments at 10 months to go:

  • I have downloaded an app called MakeMyPlate which is going to be fundamental in making sure I am starting to eat healthier – but still adventurous – meals, and it will tell me my nutritional intake – to make sure I’m getting as much as I need as my training builds.
  • I have invested in a foam roller – everyone seems obsessed with these at the moment – to use especially on my outer thighs and knees. I have found from my previous Half Marathons that my knees are a little weak so I need to make sure my thighs and hips are strong and supporting them.
  • I have been doing a lot more Yoga and Pilates in order to build up a stronger core – to make sure my core is supporting my back, which is supporting my hips, which is supporting my thighs, then knees, then ankles etc etc. I ordered ‘Flow Yoga: Elements of Yoga – Air & Water with Tara Lee’ which I’m enjoying so far!
  • I’ve been doing a lot more of the ‘Meditation‘ feature on my BellaBeat – especially before bed, to make sure I sleep better and feel more refreshed when I wake up.
  • The biggest task at hand is raising my £1750 for Cats Protection so I need to start my fundraising calendar – beginning with a work ‘Sports Day’! I have lots of little ideas but would love any other fun and brilliant fundraising tips if anyone has done something which really worked in the past?!

Well, that’s the end of my first installation of the Marathon Diaries! Any hints and tips for me will be gratefully accepted – and you can sponsor me at my JustGiving page here!

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