As a huge Harry Potter buff – like many of you guys – I have watched the films ten times over, visited the studios, even attended a ‘Harry Potter walking tour’ of London – I am potty about anything Potter (see what I did there?!).


So when I saw on Twitter that a new exhibition was opening (right around the corner from the theatre which will host the play later this year) which would showcase the amazing and intricate artwork behind the film, I was first in the queue!

I have watched the films many, many times and, like every other adoring fan, dreamed of entering the world myself. One thing I have never given enough credit to, though, is the amount of time, effort and detail which has gone into every poster, school book, stained glass window and Weasley product we see in the film. If we’re honest, it’s these details that have bought us into the story and into the wizarding world from day one.


Sat in a rickety four floor house in Soho, this exhibition couldn’t be in a more perfect setting. With old fireplaces, winding staircases and exposed wooden floorboards, I feel like I’ve stepped right into their world.

We were lucky enough to be guided round by Miraphora – one third of the team whose brainchild all of the artwork was. The team spent ten years working on the Harry Potter films and it’s impressive to see the variety of graphics they designed. From the fun, bright, almost garish Weasley products, to the Daily Prophet – which grew darker and more political in content during the course of the tale, every intricate detail was thought out with the logic that the camera or the eye could focus on any bit of this background artwork, so it needed to make sense, match what was happening in the story or reflect the setting and characters in the scene.


What sounds like a crazy, hectic and fun role in the films was also vital. It is the green screen videos of people merged into the newspapers which made them different to our ordinary muggle newspapers (!) and THAT ‘Defence Against The Dark Arts’ book that made this world seem so exciting, magical, dangerous and different. This exhibition is a fantastic step into the magical world and relit the Harry Potter flame in me!


I was seriously impressed with the creativity and the thought that’s gone into every little aspect of this design and the team definitely breathed a life into the films that even the biggest HP fans take for granted. Well, there’s only one thing for it… I best start watching them again!

The exhibition is free and opens to the public on Friday 3rd June. Find out more here!


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