About a month ago, a box arrived for me from the US and I got very excited – well, who doesn’t like getting a package?! But, even more so, because I knew exactly what it was… my Bellabeat Leaf!


I started getting Facebook sponsored ads for the Bellabeat several months ago and it caught my eye – not just because it was pretty, but because of its great health features that none of the other ‘health and sport’ gadgets have thought of yet.

So, I’ve been getting to grips with it over the past few weeks and now I want to report my findings and tell you why, if you only buy one gadget this year, this should be it!


The features

  • You can track your sleep, and how well you slept
  • You can track your steps and activity – with the ability to tag up certain clusters of exercise by which class/sport/activity they were
  • You can set it as your alarm clock – it buzzes which wakes you up effectively but not abruptly
  • You can partake in breathing exercises to calm you – it can track your breathing and how effective the exercise was
  • You can set a daily alarm for it to buzz to remind you to take your contraceptive pill – subtle but helpful
  • You can track your periods over time so, after a couple of months, you can predict when you will start and finish effectively
  • You can partake in breathing exercise to help relieve period pain
  • You can change the aims of how much sleep, steps etc you’d like to do per day so these are reported as a % of your aim each day
  • Lastly, this very American product has delightful motivation messages all over it – and I love it!


The app

The app is really easy to use. You connect to bluetooth and tap the ‘Leaf’ to sync it, and can do this as often as you like to update sleep, steps, alarms etc. The app is colourful, easy to navigate and easy to flick back through for past data. It also marks which days your expected periods will be (and when you’re ovulating – for the best time to try for a baby). My only qualm with it is the little logo used for period days… it could be a tad more subtle or something a bit more motivational and a bit less gross (!)


How does this change your lifestyle?

  • Wake up more effectively but less abruptly than to the iPhone ringtone!
  • As you can change the aims for each activity, you can start to track and challenge yourself on what is a successful day
  • You can test different activities to do before bed and see what positively affects the amount or quality of sleep you have
  • You can remember to factor in time for mental exercise, to stay calm and healthy in your daily life – and this is a big help before big presentations, stressful situations etc
  • Remembering to take your pill daily and at a consistent time
  • Most importantly, for me, you can plan for your periods!

The accessories

BellaBeat have really thought about the aesthetics of the ‘Leaf. With the necklace, bracelet and clip-on functionality, it’s never impractical and it quite a nice piece of statement jewellery. I’ve tried all the different ways for sleeping and found the bracelet led to the most accurate data (I thrash around a lot in my sleep clearly!)

As you can see, I’m a big fan! I had high hopes for the ‘Leaf’ and, so far, it seems to be meeting and exceeding my expectations as I discover new features. It seems that the more data you have, the more you can do to make the ‘Leaf’ experience more personalised. It does what other, cheaper, gadgets may do, to an extent, but the women-specific features are so untapped and so helpful, this is a gadget I can’t see myself parting with anytime soon!

Find out more here!

Check out some more of the features in my gallery here (get to a desktop to see it if you’re reading on mobile!):

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Disclaimer: this product was provided to me at no charge to test but this review is my own opinion.

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