It’s almost the Easter weekend and the thought of having four whole days to fill is getting me rather excited! But, before we get carried away, let’s find out what there is to do – to make sure you make the most of the break! There’s some brilliant stuff on around London so check out my favourite finds below… It’s […]

Do you guys, like me, get the visiting parents from time to time, and instantly panic at how to entertain them? Whether it’s the parents that expect you to take them around all the tourist sights, or parents who have expressed their hatred at anything to do with the tubes, the crowds and the smell of dirty London streets, we […]

About a month ago, a box arrived for me from the US and I got very excited – well, who doesn’t like getting a package?! But, even more so, because I knew exactly what it was… my Bellabeat Leaf! I started getting Facebook sponsored ads for the Bellabeat several months ago and it caught my eye – not just because […]