There are always people moving into London from the rest of the UK and from much further afield. Some of them might never have been to London, some may have visited one time on a school trip and some may know it quite well. But there’s so much to learn with a move into London; such as what sort of […]

Are you a student or aged 18-30 and fancy spending summer 2016 having an adventure to remember? I have been working with a charity called ARC for the last four years. ARC have teams around Europe and projects in countries like the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain. On your project, you’re teamed with people of different nationalities and, […]

Apparently January is the month when people are most down, and feeling the post-Christmas slump. Having a January birthday, though, I am lucky enough to drag out the festive spirit just a little longer – and then I’m on a downer in Feb! So, this month, I decided that I would cut the corners everywhere else too – meaning that […]