I’ve been on lots of holidays in my life but I’m always a little embarrassed by how few locations this includes – I’ve done a lot of the UK, France and Ireland. I’ve dabbled further afield in Europe a few times and I’ve been to India (but that doesn’t count as it was to see the family!). Having worked for a UK holiday brand, I can name you any UK coast and tell you all of the attractions nearby, and that’s great, but it’s all the same country, the same experience of culture (bar the north/south divide!), and the same traditions.

Last year I visited Stockholm in Sweden (you can read about my trip here) and when, on the first night, I saw the below sunset, I fell in love. It was my first taste of Scandinavia, and I was sort of mad it took me 24 years to find it! This trip has definitely helped form my dream holiday for 2016 – a tour of Scandinavia!


Stockholm was beautiful, historic and very different to any other city I’ve been to – the city is split over several islands, which you can spend days walking between to discover something different and new about the city. The people were so friendly, the city seemed trendy but modest with it and there was a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

My dream is to travel the whole area – starting over in Norway in Burgen, traveling to Oslo, then into Sweden to Gothenburg, into Denmark to Copenhagen, up to Finland for Helsinki and then across to Stockholm in Sweden to end the trip. I love the architecture, the quaint traditions and the pace of life here and the idea of seeing so many different countries in one trip and being able to understand and compare this whole area would be a dream!

I have stupidly tortured myself by planning out my trip before filling my piggy bank – plans of exploring the fjords in Burgen, taking the funicular (I know, I know, I’m obsessed with funiculars!) up Mount Floyen, cycling Oslo’s surrounding areas, taking a day trip to Gothenburg’s archipelago, finding ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ending my night with cocktails harbourside in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, walking the parks of Helsinki to fill my Instagram account (!) before finishing the trip with a delicious ‘Fika’ in Stockholm!

This holiday would be a fantastic escape to explore the Scandinavian way of life and really have a break from the rush and noise of London living.

So, who’s coming with?!

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