So, it’s the New Year and, as evident from the amount of people out running in Victoria Park this morning, fitness is top of our Resolutions list! So, here’s a few things to look at or grab in the New Year’s Sales to help you hit your goal in 2016!

Nutri Bullet

I decided to take the plunge and get myself a Nutri Bullet after seeing it top the charts in Which’s ‘top blenders’ list. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised with how much information came with it – there was an information booklet about which fruit/veg/nuts had which health properties and there was a recipe book with loads of ideas to get you started. The idea is that you can grind nuts in it and you add those, greens and fruit, which gives you a variety of nutrients but the fruit taste is stronger, therefore they taste amazing. I’ve had a few blenders and this is by far the best, for not just the job it does but the information included to help you properly set up the change in your lifestyle.



This is a nice, compact app in the App Store. It’s only£2.29 and is perfect for those just starting their fitness journey. It has seven exercises to work your entire body – a minute on each challenge. It may sound like nothing but these exercises work together, so if you do it every day, you’ll start to notice a difference, especially to your core. You can up the reps over time and monitor your progress in the app – and it has some nice features to motivate you. Give it a go – and set your alarm clock seven minutes earlier!

Garmin Running Watch

I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get this watch which I can wear every day anyway and then use to monitor my running progress. It is fantastic and uses GPS to track exactly how far you ran, what route, your splits, your calories etc which is all accessible there and then on the watch. You can pause it when you need to, so you get a better idea of actual running time, and it vibrates every mile/km (you set this to your requirements) so you know what you’ve done without you having to keep checking it. You can connect it to your computer to take off the data and you can also buy it with a heart-rate monitor. My only problem I find with this is that it struggles to get signal in really urban areas, and when I start my run in Soho, it takes until Regents Park to pick me up. Otherwise, it is a handy bit of kit and saves messing about with phone sleeves and apps.



There is a running feature on the Fitbug too but I find it a bit unreliable because it struggles to differentiate running and walking. I do, however, use it to monitor my sleep. Phone apps for sleep are good but not overly reliable, whereas, because you wear this on your wrist, the information it can give you is much more insightful. I found I was sleeping way less than I thought I was, so could think about adjusting my bedtime (!) to make sure I was as fresh as I needed to be for the day ahead.

Well, there you go – all set for 2016! I know some of these items are a little pricey but if there’s an area of your lifestyle that really needs addressing, I think these are the tools to help. Your food intake, your sleep and your variety of exercise hold the key to how you feel, how you work, how you look and your capabilities. Why not take your New Year’s Resolution to the next level today?

Are there any tools you’re using that we should know about? Share them below!


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