I’ve been on lots of holidays in my life but I’m always a little embarrassed by how few locations this includes – I’ve done a lot of the UK, France and Ireland. I’ve dabbled further afield in Europe a few times and I’ve been to India (but that doesn’t count as it was to see the family!). Having worked for […]

After reading so much negative press about Hull recently (especially an article of utter rubbish from ‘Vice’), I decided to write my own experiences of Hull – from someone definitely not from Hull but with a real, honest perception of the city. My first experience of visiting Hull was some six years ago when I was studying in Lincoln and […]

So, it’s the New Year and, as evident from the amount of people out running in Victoria Park this morning, fitness is top of our Resolutions list! So, here’s a few things to look at or grab in the New Year’s Sales to help you hit your goal in 2016! Nutri Bullet I decided to take the plunge and get […]

So, it’s a new year and another year crammed full of things to do in the big smoke! The weather may be terrible and it’s still a little too dark in the afternoons but that’s no reason to stay in with Netflix and our leftover Terry’s Chocolate Oranges… let’s get out and about this January! Here’s some ideas to get […]

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! It’s a New Year and I am so excited for what 2016 is going to bring! So, I have made my New Year’s Resolutions – especially for my blog… and so you guys can keep checking in on how I’m doing with them, here they are! […]