Every singer or band tours via London so it’s handy to know where they will be and when. But who has time to be searching online all the time? Why not find the venues and search their sites instead? So, I’ve put together, below, the biggest and best venues in London so that you never have to miss your favourite performers’ gigs ever again! 

Sat in North London, Ally Pally (aka Alexandra Palace) is one of my favourite venues. Arrive early as the area is well worth exploring, with beautiful views over London, and a great surrounding area for quaint little London pubs. It’s a great space to catch big artists, with a dedicated food and drink stalls area inside and a cool space and building to experience whilst watching your fave artists. As well as music gigs, Ally Pally is often the venue of themed fayres and the darts – if that’s more your thing!

The O2 sits way out in the Docklands but I would definitely recommend spending the day over this end of London before your concert if you have chance. It’s close to the stunning Greenwich, where there’s loads of traditional London architecture to see, a great market and my all time favourite view over London from the park, or you can even have a go on the Emirates Skyline cable cars to bring you to your destination, for a great view over the Docklands area. At the O2 there’s tonnes of restaurants and bars, but arrive early as they can get pretty chocka. This is an amazing venue and showcases some huge artists.

Wembley is lucky enough to have both the stadium and the arena. The London Outlet Village sits right next to both, with shops, a cinema and loads of big restaurants. The area is pretty quiet most the time, unless there’s a big sporting match on, in which case it’s another story! Both venues are huge and, if you’re an X Factor fan, you can catch the finals at Wembley Arena for free through ticketed ballots on Applause Store in December which is a really fun experience! And, whether you’re a sporting fan or not, the stadium offers an amazing experience of football or rugby – they really put on a show!

Of all my venues, the only one which is central is The Roundhouse in Camden. A cool area of funky independent bars and the popular markets, Camden is a really diverse and fun area to explore (though it does get very busy with tourists). The venue is a great but not large, and they usually showcase smaller gigs, making it feel a bit more cosy and meaning you don’t have to crane your neck to see your favourite artist on a big screen (!)

If you’re over in West London, Hammersmith Apollo is a great venue to check out! I was lucky enough (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) to get Kate Bush tickets here last year and the venue is such an intimate space. The venue sits right on the tube station and in the middle of restaurants and bars, so convenience gives it a definite advantage! I would definitely recommend going in the standing area, to really get involved in the action! 

Who will you be going to see in concert in London in the coming year? Are you coming down to London especially? Let me know if you are over at @keepitnorthern and I can help you plan more to do in that area! Enjoy!

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