It’s the last weekend of November and my day has consisted of walking a 5 ft, real Christmas tree about a mile back to my house, writing my Christmas cards, piling up my pressies and unpacking festive pot pourri. I’ve well and truly got the festive bug – and I’m blaming it all on Winterville!

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I’m always counting myself lucky for living so close to Victoria Park – for early morning runs in spring, after work walks, Field Day festival in summer and now Winterville in the pre-Christmas run up.

So, on Thursday night (opening night – yes I’m keen!) we headed down to Winterville. There’s so much to do so we decided to try out the big wheel first to get a good view of what else was going on around the festival site. The view is stunning – Olympic Park one side, Canary Wharf on another and the City on another – even more magical after dark.


We tried out some of the other rides (our favourite was the Mouse Coaster!) and then decided to grab a Mulled Wine and have a go at the mini golf. With its own DJ – in his own little booth – the mini golf is fab and there’s even a smoking volcano when you finish the last hole!

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We bypassed the ice-skating rink (I haven’t skated since an unfortunate incident in 2005 – we still don’t talk about it!) and surrounded by Christmas trees and Christmas Market stalls, I had to calm myself from getting over excited at the festivity of it all!! We headed into the circus show from here, and what a performance! No animals to see here – but acrobats, hula hoops, trampolines, so much energy and audience participation were all free flowing! It was a really well-planned and fun show, perfect to entertain the kids.

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After a go on the bumpercars and the ‘Air Swing’ – which again had a stunning view around London – we were feeling a bit peckish so headed over to the main food hall. There’s loads to choose from – crepes, churros, burgers, pulled pork etc etc and over a burger and a beer we chilled and listened to the big bang group performing everything from Beyonce to Christmas tunes! Just as I got my phone out to video a snippet, they ended their slot – so you guys will just have to check them out for yourselves!


Unfortunately, by now, we were hitting closing time – but there’s loads more to do in Winterville (which I’m sure we will fit in over the next few weeks!). There’s the cosy cinema, DJ nights, kid’s shows, cabaret shows, live bands and comedy (we’re off to see ‘Shitfaced Shakespeare’!). You can easily spend the whole day getting merry here!

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I am a big London fan generally, but the only thing I love more than that is my little community and I think Winterville is a fantastic spot for locals, others across London and visitors to the city to really get in the Christmas spirit over the coming weeks! For a family day out, for a drink and entertainment in the evening or just to generally get in the Christmas spirit, why don’t you check out Winterville now?

2 thoughts on ““Walking in a winter Winterville…..!”

  1. Aw, that looks amazing. As far as I know we only have not too big Christmas markets with a lot of stands where you can buy jewellery, food, drinks and stuff like this. Mostly, there’s only carrousel for children. I hope I will be able to experience a Christmas-winter-“market” in London, once, as this sounds just awesome. 🙂

    Sassy xx

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