The dark nights are closing in, it’s getting a little chill in the air and X Factor is back on TV, making it ever so enticing to stay in every night until Spring BUT if you’re in London, you could be missing out on some gems of entertainment! Here’s my favourite things to do in the city – and they’re only on before Christmas!

Go exploring… Discover Midtown

Starting this week and running every weeknight until 11th December, you can participate in the Discover Midtown scavenger hunt around Holborn. With a murky past, this part of London has lots of nooks and crannies to uncover, beautiful architecture, traditional little squares and Lincoln’s Inn Fields, first laid out in the 1600s and the area synonymous with training lawyers. By day, these areas are stunning, by night they are a little eerie and in this 90 minute game you’ll be sent on an adventure with your team to uncover the past of the area and solve a mystery.

I went to check it out this week and it was great fun and really cleverly and well executed. Left to your own devices on the streets, you’re guides along by actors, who drift in and out of your journey, amongst the general public, almost naturally fitting in to modern day London! It’s an immersive and fun evening, and they’ve even chucked in an awesome magician. If that’s not enough incentive, I don’t know what is – get your tickets here – this is a great way to entertain yourself for an evening this autumn!

Be entertained… Showstoppers

Showstoppers is the West End’s first improvised show – on until the end of the month. Having seen their show advertised at the Edinburgh Fringe I was interested to see how this would be done in a proper theatre, and I wasn’t disappointed! Taking audience suggestions, a title, play setting and styles of musicals were established at the start. The cast then took over and performed a completely improvised musical – including dance sequences, lots of snogs and even a rap battle!? The performers were fantastic and the play really worked – and the best thing is that you can come back and see it over and over again and it’ll always be different! I definitely recommend checking it out.

Get the giggles… Ali Brice

Having seen Ali Brice perform as his alter ego ‘Eric Meat’ at Edinburgh for the last two years, I’ve really come around to the idea of this style of comedy sketches. The show he is currently touring is simple but belly-laugh hilarious, with a variety of characters and audience interaction making the show fly by. Ali Brice is not only funny without realising it but he is also a genuinely nice bloke. Don’t miss this show – it may be the best comedy you see all year. Keep up with Ali Brice’s upcoming shows on Twitter at @TwiceBriceBrice!

There’s lots going on in London before the Christmas season hits so don’t miss out – get along to these fantastic events now! Seen any of your own? Share them with me on Twitter @keepitnorthern!

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