I didn’t realise how much of an animal addict I was until I started to write this blog post… but if you’re like me, and love a little one-on-one time with a furry friend, here’s my top pick of places and events in London, to start you off! Whether it’s an exotic breed, a reminder of the northern countryside or as simple as a dog to walk, there must be something here that takes your fancy!

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Spend an afternoon in the cat café in Shoreditch to get your feline fix! Having opened in summer 2014, this place is still hard to get into, so book a table in advance here before you go. We just had a cuppa and cake whilst delighting at the cats wandering around, but you can now do ‘cat yoga’ or ‘afternoon tea’ there. Don’t be alarmed at the pictures – the man with the cat on his back is the ‘cat-sitter’ who is always on hand to make sure the paw-some pals aren’t getting up to mischief!


London Zoo Sunset Safari

I don’t need to sell to you how fun going to the zoo is generally, but London Zoo put on ‘Sunset Safari’ nights from time to time, where you can go into the zoo for the evening. As well as the zoo’s brilliant Monkey Walk enclosure, penguin shows, meercat talks etc. the lates are a bit different as there are food stalls, there is entertainment and there are fun activities, such as a zoo quiz night. It’s a nice evening out and a different way to view the zoo!


Mudchute Farm

If you head over into the depths of East London, check out Mudchute Farm! It’s a surprise to find these 32 acres of greenery, within sight of Canary Wharf. There are loads of animals, from pigmy goats to lamas, and they are all guaranteed to be happy to see you – especially if you have carrots! There’s also a little café and a large park next to the farm – so why not make a day of it. Remember to take your own carrots and apples though – to avoid having to go for a trek into Mudchute to find an Asda!


Pet Show ExCel

The main Pet Show takes place at Birmingham’s NEC in November, but in May you can see it at London’s ExCel Centre. This is a fantastic show with loads to see and do, whether you already have a pet, are thinking of getting one or just like animals! There are stands dedicated to certain breeds of cats and dogs – with live examples – as I found out below (!) There are information seminars about owning different pets, there are shows at different times, for example, the Rabbit Showjumping, and there is a big show late in the afternoon where pet owners could show off their pet’s skills and dance moves! A really fun day out for any animal lover, don’t miss out on getting your tickets!


Borrow My Doggy

And, last off, missing your general day-to-day pet fix? Have a look at Borrow My Doggy! I joined the site a year and a half ago and have had some lovely dog pals (below is the gorgeous Freddie!). You liaze with local dog owners and can walk dogs regularly, be a dog-sitter at your home, look after them for the odd weekend – whatever suits you and the owner. I can’t have a dog, like many young people in London, so it’s so nice to get out and about in the park in the evening with a little pouch pal to keep me company!

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All animal-ed out?! Well, this lot should keep you occupied for a while! Let me know your favourite London spots for an animal fix!

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  1. Awww this post is so cute! Such a good idea! I love the sound of the Cat Emporium (even though I am more of a dog person). Great photos!

    Sarah xx


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