London is a big city, with tonnes and tonnes to do. When you’re looking for something to do, well-funded exhibitions and well-known shows are thrust upon you, but sometimes, you just want to do something small and a little more intimate.

So, whatever you fancy doing, here’s some of my recommendations which are on a smaller, more relaxed and more enjoyable scale…


Head to The Invisible Dot, a short five minute walk from Kings Cross Train Station, and hidden down a sleepy side street, to see some fantastic comedy. The venue is tiny, with limited seating, so get there early and grab your seat. It makes up in character what it lacks in space though, as the acts are a mixture of well-known names and fresh acts, testing material for the Edinburgh Fringe. The tickets are cheap, the venue has a bar and you’ll often get to see a handful of acts in one go, so if you fancy a funny night out, this is your spot.


Check out the New Diorama Theatre, a great small space with only 80 seats, up near Regent’s Park. The venue is great, with a cosy little bar and a variety of shows on offer – all only on for short stints. We saw ‘Pig’, a production by ‘Hull Truck’ which had toured down to London for a week. With only three actors, two parallel storylines and all three of them on the stage at all times, the space worked well for their staging and presence. This is a great theatre for a relaxed night out.


Have yourself a chilled out Sunday with an afternoon of Open Mic at The Old Queens Head in Islington. Alongside a fantastic roast dinner, you can relax and check out some really good artists and musicians, which are different every week. And, if you get a little restless, there’s board games and a karaoke room too – end your weekend on a high!

An exhibition

Get yourself over to the Wellcome Collection, right across the road from Euston Station. The gallery and exhibition space do some interesting and innovative displays – most recently their crime scene exhibition was fascinating – with one exhibit being a patch of grass from a real crime scene?! You can spend a good few hours in here, and there’s a lovely café too, with the nicest flavoured tea I’ve ever had, and window seats to watch London life pass by!

You don’t need to charge around London full-speed to take in the many things the city has to offer. Take it all in, one activity at a time, and you’ll definitely get more out of it. Check out my spots above and let me know your favourite spots too!

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