It’s running season again and I’m very excited to be doing the Royal Parks Half Marathon in Central London in two weeks! But, for people like me who haven’t been running for yonks, there seems to be loads of hints and tips flying around about how you should train, what you should and shouldn’t do and what you should and […]

So, living in a city that never stops, sometimes a tourist day is just what you’ve got to do. Doing it during the week makes it a tad calmer but there’s plenty to see in the tourist traps – let’s not miss out! Start off at Embankment Underground and walk along the river, taking in the sights – London Eye, […]

London is a big city, with tonnes and tonnes to do. When you’re looking for something to do, well-funded exhibitions and well-known shows are thrust upon you, but sometimes, you just want to do something small and a little more intimate. So, whatever you fancy doing, here’s some of my recommendations which are on a smaller, more relaxed and more enjoyable scale… […]

So, yesterday, the lovely Alexandra and Sophie from @ohmyvalentino nominated me and some other fantastic bloggers for the ‘Liebster Award’. It was lovely to read about the girls so I’m going to answer their questions and tell you a bit more about me, then share some of my own favourite bloggers I’ve found out and about! Before we start, here’s a little […]

So, if I’m honest, I’m a recent Great British Bake Off convert – I only started watching the latest series after my boyfriend hounded me into it. But he needn’t have tried so hard, because if it was an X Factor style pure bake off, it wouldn’t have got me – but bring in the ‘showstoppers’ and I’m in hook, […]

I didn’t realise how much of an animal addict I was until I started to write this blog post… but if you’re like me, and love a little one-on-one time with a furry friend, here’s my top pick of places and events in London, to start you off! Whether it’s an exotic breed, a reminder of the northern countryside or […]

You will or won’t have heard of the Kray Twins – there really is no in-between. For anyone who hasn’t, the Krays were two East London dwelling twin brothers who ran a well-known gang, who terrorised and reigned over the streets of the capital in the 60s. Committing two well-publicised murders in their time, the two were in prison and […]

With so many long-running shows in London, it’s really hard for new productions to break onto the scene. There are so many adaptations and new, quirky shows – each trying to be different from the last. So, I’ve been doing the rounds over the summer and checking out some of the new shows on the scene, and here’s my feedback! […]